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Five to Thrive

Updated: May 13, 2021

Tomorrow I will be starting Rachel Hollis’ #last90dayschallenge and I am HERE FOR IT. 

This challenge is all about recommitting and realigning to the goals you may have set at the beginning of the year (and promptly forgot about) and living out the last 90 days of the 2019 with more intentionality than ever. Good news is it’s not, and is never, too late! With the holidays being an all too often stressful time for many, what better realign to the goals and habits to get you though. I can’t think of a single good reason to not be obsessed with starting this challenge so here I am: all in.

The first task is to commit to five things, called your “five to thrive,” Goal lingo so catchy that it literally feels fun, a feat only Rachel Hollis could accomplish. So without further ado, here are my five to thrive.

1. Commit to drinking half my body weight in oz of water each day #hydrateordiedrate

Self explanatory. Very few people are drinking enough water, myself included. So let’s rehydrate from the inside out to start feeling great.

2. Two days of weight lifting per week…because you’re strong as heck.

I love yoga…like a lot. But when I get wrapped up in yoga, or biking, or running, or gardening, or all the things….lifting is the first to go on the back burner. What’s ironic is that weight lifting is what I would argue the single best functional movement for strength training (duh) and fat loss (google it!). On top of that, it makes me feel strong as heck and pretty confident I could kick some butts should the opportunity present itself. Needless to say it’s a win win. So I need to sort through the excuses I tend to make about there being “students in the weightroom” or “there are only two squat racks” and just GO!

3. Pack your own damn lunch!

I swear to the universe if you catch me wandering around the office kitchen or the work room or the ambassador office snacking on chewy granola bars, stale donuts, or fruit snacks (thanks, Kelly!) just punch me in the nose and don’t say sorry. I am a grown adult person and  last time I checked adults are supposed to feed themselves. I don’t know if it’s because of my former student affairs meal plan life or WHAT but my inability to pack a proper lunch for work is deplorable. 3 apples and one jar of peanut butter? Yes, this is lunch. One avocado and 6 stale cracker crumbs? Lunch, yum. Dixie’s banana bread/dessert of the day from the workroom? Sure. Mystery Middleswarth chips from the office kitchen? OK, say it with me: THESE ARE NOT LUNCH. They say, when you know better, do better. And it turns out that I know what is and what is not lunch.

4. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

The quote I actually LOVE is “Don’t dress for the job you want, dress for the job your boss wants.” But as to not slight anyone’s style (Chrissy, you are the cardigan queen and I bow down to you), I have a closet full of clothes I never wear. If I am going to maintain my questionable retail therapy habit of fast fashion (please save your lecture on environmental waste for another day), I need to actually wear what I own in my closet that still has TAGS ON IT. Perhaps if the spirit moves me I’ll also wear one of the stupid number of shoes, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or handbags I own. Perhaps. 

5. Write down at least one thing you are thankful for everyday.

“Have an attitude of gratitude” said someone. It makes the world a better place, of that much I am certain.


What I’m Reading:

Get Over Your Damn Self Romi Neustadt.

The Captain Class Sam Walker.

What I’m Watching:

Workin’ Moms on Netflix

Just finished Unbelievable.

What I’m Listening to:

All things Lizzo.

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