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Welcome to the world of energy healing. We can't wait to hold space for you here!


A holistic approach to wellness.


Like exercise, nutrition, therapy, meditation and mindfulness, energy healing is just one of many tools in your self care tool box that can help support the happiest and healthiest version of you.

At the Happy & Healthy Wellness Studio Becca offers Reiki, a form of energy healing with origins in Japan, in individual and small group settings to hold space for individuals and communities to connect with their energetic bodies, identify blocks, interpret their messages, and work towards improved overall wellbeing. Each session begins with an opportunity to get acquainted and identify shared intentions before being guided into a meditative state to receive touch-optional and talk-optional Reiki. The practice concludes with time to debrief our time together, prescribe any recommended homework for continued self-study, and identify next steps in your journey.

While Reiki can, and should, be used in conjunction with other healing modalities, it should not be used to replace mental health therapy or medical care.


Becca is now booking 30 and 60 minute in person appointments and 30 minute virtual appointments for 2024.

Learn Reiki With Becca

To inquire about opportunities to complete your Reiki Level I, II or Reiki Master training, please reach out to


As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, educator and new mom, I bring a holistic, wellness-oriented and person centered approach to everything I do.


Results you can feel good about.

"The reiki sessions that I've had with Becca have been amazing. Becca's attention to detail make your reiki session feel personalized and comforting. Becca gracefully walks you through setting intentions and visualizing your higher self, while leaving you feeling rejuvenated and optimistic. If you are interested in reiki and energy work, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Becca!

Traci E.

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