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I love reiki meditations with Becca! It’s almost like hitting a reset button, I go in feeling heavy and overwhelmed and leave feeling optimistic and energized.

Renee R.

I had my first reiki session with Becca, and it was a great experience! Becca's calming presence helped me to relax and focus on my thoughts. She made me feel safe and heard while remaining professional.

Cait G.

I cannot say enough good things about Becca’s Group Reiki sessions. I absolutely love the time I have spent with her and the others that join the sessions. Becca is full of light and love and you will leave the session feeling loved, renewed , and energized.

Megan O.


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"The reiki sessions that I've had with Becca have been amazing. Becca's attention to detail make your reiki session feel personalized and comforting. Becca gracefully walks you through setting intentions and visualizing your higher self, while leaving you feeling rejuvenated and optimistic. If you are interested in reiki and energy work, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Becca!

Traci E.