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Get to know our teachers, coaches, healers and facilitators.



Yoga Teacher & Nutritionist

Alesia was called back to the practice of yoga to quiet her mind and empower her body. She fell in love
with yoga and became a certified yoga teacher in 2018; she is trained in both vinyasa and yin yoga and is
a health and wellness coach. Alesia is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has worked in the fields of
community nutrition, food service, and clinical nutrition. Alesia’s love for yoga comes from its ability to
calm her very active, analytical mind, providing her with a greater ability to focus her thoughts in work
and in life. She also loves the empowerment that comes with a yoga practice. “As we age, we tend to
tell ourselves that we can’t do certain things any longer. It’s very empowering to discover through your
yoga practice that those abilities are still there.” Additional loves for Alesia include gardening, cooking,
noodles, her dogs, and her husband, family, and friends.



Yoga Teacher + Educator

Amy is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance trained in therapeutic yoga and eager to work with the yogis of all levels at the Happy & Healthy Wellness Studio. She hopes her students leave her classes feeling restored, refreshed, accomplished, strong, positive, and peaceful. When she's not teaching or practicing yoga she is a professor in the education department at Bucknell, loves spending time with family and friends, cooking, gardening, walking her two enormous dogs, going on adventures, practicing Spanish, sewing, beading, foraging and herbalism.



Yoga Teacher

Amy Kline RYT-500 completed Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and certification in Yoga for All, yin yoga, chair yoga, beginners mind, embodied anatomy, and power of pranayama. She is nurse practitioner currently working in student health and previously in women’s health, as well as nutrition and weight management. She believes that yoga is a practice for everyone. Her classes create a safe place to meet students where they are and through breathwork, postures and meditation help them achieve their goal. Amy feels that yoga allows her to be present and connect body, mind, and spirit. Her goal is to be balanced, practice fully, continue to learn and to share the joys and benefits of yoga with others!



Yoga Teacher + Fiber Artist

Arielle has been practicing yoga for over ten years and is in the process of completing her 200hrRYT. On a quest to deepen her understanding the mind-body connection, her training has helped her shine light on elements of her practice that had been left in the shadows. Arielle wants to hold space for those who feel like they do not belong and for those who do not feel seen in mainstream, western yoga communities. Being part of the yoga community in Lewisburg has helped Arielle grow and she is excited to share that same experience both new and returning students whose journeys may have been impeded along the way when they didn't see themselves reflected in studio spaces in meaningful ways. When Arielle is not on her mat she spends time expressing her creative side as a fiber artist, creating intricate weavings, wall tapestries, or making macramé pieces. Arielle also enjoys disco balls, plant propagation, travel, creating playlists, and spending time with the small community of people who make her enjoy central Pennsylvania a little bit more. Her favorite yoga poses are wild thing, half moon, and head stand.



Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner

Becca has been cultivating her mind-body practice for over ten years and is thrilled to serve the Lewisburg community in a new way as the owner and chief space holder at the Happy & Healthy Wellness Studio. Becca holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Master’s Degree in Counseling, and is a certified Reiki Master and 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher. Becca’s approach to all things, but especially wellness work, is deeply rooted in her experiences as a figure skater on Team USA. Together with her experience and education Becca holds space for students to find joy through intuitive movement and mindfulness while deepening their spiritual practice. Becca cares deeply about eliminating barriers to holistic wellness care and improving access in higher education, especially for those from historically underrepresented or systemically marginalized communities. Becca loves jelly beans, ice cream, sidewalk chalk, and sunshine. Schedule a one on one reiki session with Becca in-studio or via zoom or join one of her upcoming classes!



Yoga Teacher

Carol began her love of yoga in 2008 as a way of staying more flexible to row on the Susquehanna River.  Not only did yoga help with her flexibility, it also gave her a space to connect with her breath, which she feels is the heart and soul of yoga.   Our breath helps us pause, before we move, react, or to sit in wonder.
Carol has a background in sports psychology and sees yoga as an essential tool in our toolbox of performance, aging well, meditation, concentration and general well being, whether we are active physically or not.
Carol teaches classes focused on mobility and strength, paying attention to our breath and core work. This is important to Carol, because she remains physically active and believes movement is essential to our well being.



Yoga Teacher & Aromatherapist

Catie is a 200hrRYT in Vinyasa with additional training in Restorative Yoga and Level 1 Warriors at Ease - a trauma informed teaching practice for service members and military families. She was first introduced to yoga in 2011, and finally made a deep dive into her practice in 2017. She became a certified yoga teacher in 2018 and has been teaching ever since in local studios, fitness centers, and online. In addition to her yoga certifications Catie has experience in prenatal yoga, having personally experienced the benefits of yoga through two pregnancies, and is also a Certified Aromatherapist. Check out Catie’s Sunday evening restorative classes or Thursday morning rise & shine classes to connect with your mind + body.



Therapeutic Yoga Teacher & Aging Specialist

As a former classical ballet dancer, Cookie has had a lifelong love affair with the joy of movement. Spending the last 20 years in the health, wellness and fitness fields, both in the private sector and the corporate world, she has a passion to help people become the best version of themselves using holistic health practices in body, mind and spirit. Cookie holds certifications as a Yoga Therapist, Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga, ACE Health Coach and in Older Adult Fitness. Cookie teaches Therapeutic Yoga, Alignment Oriented Yoga, Fitness Yoga, Spiritually Oriented Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Flow Yoga and Meditation, specializing in meditation, therapeutic and senior yoga/fitness. Additionally, Cookie’s love also extends to her family, her dog and chocolate, but not always in that order. Please visit Cookie at



Reiki Master & Embodiment Facilitator

Erin has been a student of energy, mind, & body healing practices for over a decade and is eager to serve the Lewisburg community through embodiment practices. Erin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Health and Fitness, is a Experimental Psychologist, a certified SoulflowTM facilitator and Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master. Erin blends her education with her experience as a collegiate athlete and personal trainer in her work to lead clients to a whole-being -mind, body, & soul- healing experience. It’s her hope that through these practices, clients will build an intimate connection to themselves, their bodies, and their community to cultivate a deep safety within and around them. She believes that when that safety is present we become unstoppable. 
Erin wants to empower others through energy work, spiritual practices, and intuitive movement. When Erin is not in the studio she loves spending time with her family, soaking up the sun, hiking, strength training, and playing with her pups.



Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer

Hadas has been Practicing yoga for the past 20 years and has a professional background in graphic design. She studied yoga, philosophy and the science of yoga, at the International Vishvaguru Meditation and Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India. The yoga Hadas teaches reflects the knowledge she has accumulated from years of study and practice. Her professional attitude is therapeutic and her teaching style is alignment oriented with an emphasis on being present and drawing the senses inward. 

In recent years Hadas has introduced sound into her practice and teaching with Himalayan singing bowls.



Yoga Teacher & Nature Based Spiritualist

Hannah is a mystic, folk herbalist, nature based spiritualist, and yoga teacher. Reclaiming and remembering along the journey while guiding others to do the same.

She is inspired by nature, slow seasonal living, and the elements while being deeply rooted to rise into your intuition and heart. She holds space to reclaim and remember your true essence, continuing to grow, evolve, and blossom. Hannah’s offerings include a variety of modalities, including intuitive movement, breath work, meditation, journaling, herbalism, embodiment, and nervous system regulation through sacred circles, workshops, and yoga classes. She leads with an open heart, in a safe space, to honor and explore your shadows as well as your light, coming home to yourself.

In Hannah's mid-20s, she began to reevaluate all she was taught and believed, beginning to truly discover and listen to her heart and eventually her intuition. After a decade of competitive gymnastics, the physical aspect of yoga was a natural beginning to her spiritual journey, and travel opened her eyes to different cultures and beliefs. She completed her yoga teacher training at Infinite School Yoga in Costa Rica. She also studied herbalism under the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, and occasionally frequents the local emergency room working as a Registered Nurse. Although becoming a Mama might be the biggest shift and transformation of her life, which continues to this day. Through various teachers, guides, courses, explorations, and much of her own inner work, Hannah is passionate about holding space for others to blossom and thrive. One of her favorite quotes is "No mud. No Lotus” (Thich Nhat Hanh). As for yoga, her favorite poses would still be tree, pigeon, and half moon.



Yoga Teacher

Jackie first became interested in yoga when her children were leaving the nest and her husband was spending time on the golf course. She knew she wanted to begin a movement practice but didn’t necessarily see herself pumping iron at the gym and yoga seemed like a good place to start (spoiler alert…it was!). After practicing the physical aspect of yoga for several years Jackie grew stronger in body and mind and, with each class, more curious about yogic philosophy. She followed that curiosity by pursuing and completing her RYT-200 Certification from Yoga Dear LLC in June 2018. Jackie’s specialty is sharing her love of yoga - particularly those who may think it is out of their comfort zone! She knows what it’s like to think the poses will be too difficult, or that you are too old, or don’t have the right body type for yoga, because she had those thoughts too. But once you join her for class, those fears will disappear. Jackie wants everyone to feel welcome and free to express themselves without fear of judgment in her classes and she creates safe spaces for you to try something new.ackie is proud to have continued her yoga education, earning her 300hr yoga teaching in February 2023 making her a 500hr RYT!

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Yoga Teacher & Herbalist

Krista began her yoga journey in her mid- twenties when she discovered how powerful and important it is for her mental (as well as physical) health. She received her 200hrRYT certification in hatha, pranayama, anatomy, and raja yoga in 2019 in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to her yoga certification, she is a certified herbalist and owns her own company making medicinal tea blends. She also holds a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature and theater performance, which she attributes to her confidence in her teaching. When Krista is not on the mat, she is an avid writer, reader, and loves spending time with family, friends, and her two fur babies. She also loves hiking, jogging, and being outside as much as possible. Krista is a passionate mental health advocate and holds space to share techniques and words of wisdom from her own struggles and experiences that students can use as tools on their own mental health journeys. Join Krista’s signature class, Yoga Pop, for a mood boost and groove to your favorite pop hits while building strength, balance, and flexibility.

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Yoga Teacher & Community Organizer

After over ten years as a student of yoga, Lynne chose to deepen her practice by beginning her teacher training in 2018. She quickly found joy in teaching others and holding space for early morning yogis, vinyasa flow and all things sun salutations. Lynne embraces a yogic lifestyle beyond her asana practice and aims to practice the namas and niyamas as part of her daily life and spiritual journey. While on her mat her favorite poses are the one’s she finds most challenging including half moon, inversions and arm balances. Lynne welcomes props to support her practice and allow her play with poses that challenge her body and mind. Check out one of Lynne’s classes to create space in your mind, heart and body.



Yoga Teacher, Love Your Brain Yoga and Meditation Facilitator

Nicole is a creative spirit who loves practicing yoga. Nicole is known as “Peachy” among her closest friends, a name referring to her home state of Georgia. Several years ago after a catastrophic life event a friend and some community members gifted Nicole a beginners yoga series. Nicole found a new home on her yoga mat, and a safe space for her grief. Over time, through the support of her practice and yoga mentors, she experienced a profound healing shift. In this shift Nicole became acutely aware of the mind-body connection. A few years later Nicole earned her 200-hour teaching certification at Yoga Dear in Lewisburg. A few months later, she pursued another certification with the Love Your Brain Foundation, providing a pathway for yoga and meditation geared towards caregivers and those living with brain injury. Nicole’s teaching philosophy is to provide a safe space for fun, imaginative rediscovery of self, through movement, meditation, concentration, and breath work. Nicole focuses on her classes being a safe space, and values the idea that people of all ages, and all abilities can come together and experience unity.



Yoga Teacher

Becoming a mother has been the most profound transformation of Shannon's life. She had been a yoga & meditation practitioner  for 10+ years, yet becoming  a new mom changed the whole dynamic of her spiritual path. She was inspired to complete her 200hr. yoga teacher training in Bozeman, MT in 2020 and then went on to become a certified prenatal yoga teacher at Our Yoga Family, where she began her teaching journey. In 2022, Shannon became a Reiki level I/II practitioner, and went on to receive her Master level  certification in 2023. She strives to combine yoga asana, meditation, and Reiki to help unlock a sense of wholeness in motherhood. Shannon's goal is to provide new moms and mamas-to-be a safe space to connect to self & others in transition from maiden to mother.  Shannon's dream is to see all mothers receive the support they need to  thrive in motherhood.

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Yoga Teacher

Sue Ellen (RYT-200, PhD) has taught vinyasa yoga for three years after completing her teacher training at Yoga Dear in Lewisburg PA. Prior to formal training, Sue Ellen practiced yoga for ten years, finding the practice important for her during pregnancy and as a form of mind-body unification in middle age.  When not teaching yoga or at Bucknell in the education department, she can be found hiking, camping, hanging out with her husband and three children, and their dog, Ginger.



Yoga Teacher

Tama believes that life and yoga should be approached with an open heart, lots of humor, and an abundance of curiosity. Her Vinyasa classes blend strength and mobility, creating dynamic sequences that invite students to walk their edge of effort and ease. You should come prepared to sweat, breathe, and move! One of Tama's strong points is being a flexible teacher who likes to let the energy of the room dictate the direction and pace of classes. Tama also teaches restorative yoga and likes to blend the two styles in classes, allowing students to prepare the body for deep restorative work and meditation. She enjoys meeting students where they are and adapts classes to welcome both beginners and experienced yogis.



Yoga Teacher

Tamara joined the Happy & Healthy Studio team in Fall 2023. As a lifelong student of yoga, Tamara holds teaching certifications in Vinyasa, Ariel Yoga and Yoga for Anxiety. She uses yoga as a tool to navigate the ebbs and flows of life and finds purpose in sharing yoga with others.



We are looking for new and dynamic teachers to join our weekly class schedule or lead a one time workshop.

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