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with Catie Troxell

In this Anusara-Inspired class you will experience a heart centered practice with a firm foundation in alignment. Students will enjoy a traditional sequence, that involves invocation, pranayama, a mixed-level sequence, and a meditation.


with Alesia Edelman

Whether you have been practicing yoga at home and are ready to give a studio a try or it's the first time on a mat, this class was designed with you in mind! This class will include an orientation to the studio space to help you feel at home followed by a guided meditation, and 45 minute beginner friendly yoga flow.


with Becca Haupt Aldredge and Arielle Schock

Your body is unique and so is this class! Designed for those with bigger bodies, this class invites you to feel comfortable in your skin by making poses more accessible. This 60 minute class offers poses made for you with touch-optional adjustments, modifications and plenty of props to leave you feeling empowered to take up space on your mat and in all areas of your life.


with Arielle Schock

Feel & Flow is a class designed for all kinds of bodies. With a happy and healthy balance of challenge and support, this class invites you to find your flow in the body by moving your body and breath as one. This class offers opportunities to breakdown and explore higher sensation poses with modifications that provide comfort and accessibility to beginner and advanced yogis alike.


with Jackie Kline

A deliberate moderately paced yoga practice that focuses on physical and energetic alignment and movement synchronized with the breath. Expect to be guided through creative sequences of yoga postures supported by various pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and relaxation techniques in response to your needs. Express your true nature in each pose by taking time to breathe, observe and adjust for balance between ease and effort. Let our team of talented teachers inspire you to develop and maintain a dedicated yoga practice.


with Carol Graybeal

Mindful core yoga invites you to explore a gentle approach to core strength. Through breathwork and movement you'll learn to engage your abdominal muscles, find stability and strengthen your center. You will leave this class ready to stand tall in both body and mind.



with Shannon Bates

This unique class offers the opportunity to discover new ways to connect with baby, the postpartum body, and other new moms. This flow takes you through brief meditation and gentle movement with & without baby. Together, we will explore ways to support the healing of the pelvic floor and core, stretch the areas of the body that tend to carry tension, and have share the journey with other moms along the way.

With Catie Troxell

This exhilarating vinyasa class will blend strength and mobility, creating dynamic sequences that invite you to walk your edge of effort and ease. Come prepared to sweat, breathe, and move to prepare the body for meditation and restorative healing.


with Catie Troxell

In this 60 minute class and with the support of props you will be guided through a handful of poses that will allow you you rest passively in a mild stretch. This class quiets the body and the mind and might be a great match for those rehabbing an injury, battling burnout, or managing the stress of every day life.


with Sue Ellen Henry, Jackie Kline or Amy Golightly

Early risers, this class is for you! Ease into your day by finding stillness in meditation and honoring your body through movement. After moving through a series of poses you will leave feeling grounded and ready to face whatever the day throws at you.


with Lynne Ragusea and Krista Peterson

A deliberate and moderately paced yoga practice that focuses on physical and energetic alignment and movement synchronized with the breath. Expect to be guided through traditional and creative vinyasa sequences, various pranayama (breathwork), and meditations. Take time to express your true nature in each pose by taking time to breathe, observe and adjust for balance between ease and effort.


with Catie Troxell

Just as the Sun (yang) and the Moon (yin) are in divine union, this perfectly balanced yoga class gives your body a little bit of both - half yin and half vinyasa! Learn the practice of nadi shodhana pranayama (balancing, purifying breath) to improve awareness and concentration. Call upon your lunar side to slow down and allow time and gravity to release the fascia and connective tissues of the body. Then call upon your solar side to engage the muscles and raise the heart rate to energize the body. Finish in a restorative pose to experience harmonious balance. Join Laurene for a truly unique offering that honors all bodies at all levels of practice.



with Erin VanEnkevort

This intuitive movement class is great for all experience levels. The class will include meditation, asana, intuitive/free movement, and nervous system regulation tools. All to a carefully curated playlist to help you connect to your breath and body. The intention of this class is to deepen your connection to your inner wisdom, honor how your body wants to move which will leave you feeling fully expressed and more embodied. When attending, dress comfortably, bring water, and be ready for 10-20 minutes of vigorous movement. 


with Becca Haupt Aldredge

Your favorite restorative yoga class enhanced with the opportunity to receive touch-optional reiki healing energy. Join us to cozy up with props that allow both your mind and body to find the stillness and support you've been craving.


with Becca Haupt Aldredge

This small group class amplifies the experience of a one on one reiki session by surrounding you with a community to witness your journey. Each class will begin with introductions and intention setting to cultivate community before being led into a relaxing meditation where you will receive touch-optional reiki from Becca. This 45 minute class holds space for optional group-process allowing you to both lend support and be supported in the truest expression of you. With an emphasis on community and providing access to healing modalities this class is intended for those just beginning a mindfulness practice, seasoned energy workers, and everyone in between.

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