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A Happy (and Healthy) Birthday

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Time is a funny thing because we love to claim that we don't have enough of it while at the same time using it as a metric for celebration: birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones.


Said differently, why does shavasana seem to go so fast when chair pose lasts forever?


Fortunately, yoga reminds us to trust the timing of the universe. Rather than speeding towards the future or ruminating on the past, our practice invites us to keep our feet firmly grounded, on our mats, in the present.


Which brings us to where we are today, July first - right on schedule, celebrating our community's first year together. The very first birthday for Happy & Healthy Wellness Studio!

When thinking about the past year we knew we could share statistics and metrics about the number of classes taught or students in those classes. Or perhaps number of workshops hosted, yoga fundraiser dollars donated or ten-class-passes sold.


And while the data is a critical to the studio's future success, of equal importance is how those metrics make us feel because maybe you feel it too.


So as we celebrate our first year we are feeling grateful for each and every class on the schedule and student to walk through our doors and plop down on their mat to start or finish their day.


We are grateful for those who put their faith in us by investing in annual membership.


We are grateful for every teacher who's steamed the floor, taken out the trash, or changed the water cooler, unafraid to roll up their sleeves for this community.


We are grateful for the social media, website integrations, and google analytics that help yogis near and has far find a home at our studio.


We are grateful for our cheerleaders: family, friends and of course the Small Business Development Center.


And we are even grateful for each too-short shavasana and never-ending chair pose.


We're grateful for all of it. And we are grateful that you've been a part of it.

Let's celebrate!

First with an ice cream social after Feel & Flow on Friday night July 28th, then with breakfast for the teachers and annual members Saturday morning July 29th and finally with our first free Community Class on Sunday July 30th.

Book your next class or workshop.

So What's Next?


Like any good birthday it feels important to make a wish. So here's are three things we envision for our next year together:


Creating a plan for a sustainable future.

How do we make sure the Happy & Healthy Wellness Studio is a community hub for years to come? We are going to spend time answering that question and building the infrastructure to support it.

Hosting More Yoga Fundraisers.

We know you love them and we love supporting the causes near and dear to your heart. Send us your ideas!


Trying new things.

We will continue to be unafraid to try something new and listen to your feedback about what is and isn't working.

So if you've been part of our first year together we want to say thank you, what a wonderful years it's been!

One last thing, it wouldn't be a birthday without presents.

For our annual members: check your email for a free workshop of your choice. Everyone else can enjoy $20 off a 10 class pass with code HHBIRTHDAY, this month only.

If you'd like to get a birthday present we'd really love a positive testimonial about your experience at our studio. Each review helps us reach a few more people and helps our community grow. Write a review here.

With gratitude, Becca


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