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A holistic approach to community care.

It should come as no surprise that we live in a culture that prides itself on physical health. It's likely that gym class or physical education was part of your school curriculum or that you were reminded more than once at the dinner table to "eat your vegetables." 

We are fortunate to live in a moment in time where an increased emphasis on mental health has entered the scene with more conversations and resources becoming available for those who need it most as we slowly work to decrease the stigma.

But somewhere along the way we seem to have neglected our energetic bodies.

Reiki invites us to get curious about the ways in which we show up in the world: physically, mentally, and energetically.

Becca's approach to Reiki follows her approach to all things: when we slow down long enough to care for ourselves we are better equipped to show up and care for the communities around us.

This is your invitation to slow down.


Becca is now booking 30 and 60 minute in person appointments and 30 minute virtual appointments for February and March 2023.


Results you can feel good about.

"The reiki sessions that I've had with Becca have been amazing. Becca's attention to detail make your reiki session feel personalized and comforting. Becca gracefully walks you through setting intentions and visualizing your higher self, while leaving you feeling rejuvenated and optimistic. If you are interested in reiki and energy work, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Becca!

Traci E.

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